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Token ID: La4YVfqVEK7q34PR83HgcQX83CRV85NChoYVGX
Issuer: JTEST
Total Token Supply: 2000000
Description: JTEST
Issuance Address: TWYEm3ZauuPqfM2yTScu4Jy7opfa2XK61k
Issuance Txid: cb6295452d50bc69aafa807f752782347b941ecf71495b6cc5d5ecfc3c9e7255
Metadata of Issuance: none
Issuance Block Height: 50488
Locked: (No more tokens can be issued) true
Divisibility: 7
Aggregation Policy: aggregatable
Number of Transactions: 2

JTS Metadata Transactions
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