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Issuer: Global Pathways
Total Token Supply: 1000000000000000
Description: Pathways Token
Issuance Address: TDNZQhV6saGSofy1HEQGiT9CtmrbXpb5SG
Issuance Txid: 666109310da23eac80658c1afabd7b43789dedebe74c077913a103216fd30385
Metadata of Issuance:
      - 1) Validity of this token #### READ THIS FIRST!! WARNING, FAILURE IN COMPLYING WITH THE METADATA IN A TRANSACTION INVALIDATES THE TOKENS SENT!! NO REPLACEMENT WILL BE POSSIBLE IN CASE OF A MISTAKE!!######: Only valid when initial Token defining payment has sent from address: NQ5xt13Xbc2B54eJ9ctQYGd8wumgqxPmcP Its value has been defined in the metadata of the initial payment. Once it's sent from this address, its exact value in the payment has been defined by the metadata. Address of the receiving party must also be written in de metadata. Please do always make a copy of the transaction ID of this initial defining payment as this functions as the basis for the corporate value of this token. The initial defining validation payment code has to be included in the metadata at all times. In failure to do so, the tokens lose their validity.
      - 2) How this Token functions: Initial value is being given by the initial defining payment from address: NQ5xt13Xbc2B54eJ9ctQYGd8wumgqxPmcP In this initial transaction is defined the following: 1) Initial token address of receiver 2) Amount 3) purpose 4) value per token defined 5) Possible features in the company and its value defined. Example: Smart contract 1st class importance value 10000 Pathway tokens. IMPORTANT! Make sure you stick by it or else the payment will not be valid and the tokens will be worthless.
      - 3) Example values of transactions: standard smart contract 10000 Tokens. The exact terms and clauses have to be stipulated in the contract. Signing is being done by sending the transaction and by writing the address it's coming from. - Important smart contract: value of the contract in a certain currency. Always more as 10000 but never more than 5000000. In case the contract has a higher value in a certain currency, the definition has to be changed. example value unit = 1 EUR or 1000 RUB. Currency Units are used as defined in Any failure to use the right currency code invalidates the code. - Salaries for staff, payments inside the corporation has all to be defined in the transaction. Important is to define the value of each token in the currency code. A transaction may usually not exceed 5000000 Tokens. Exceptions can be made but have to be stated in the initial defining validation payment.
      - 4) Standard Initial defining payment example: Validating address: Here comes the Neblio address to where the initial defining payment has been done type: What is the token in the company for? Smart contracts, corporate shares, Social credit for staff, Salary specification or multiple purpose Amount of tokens: How many tokens have been sent and are circulating in the supply. Variable from 10000000 to 10000000000 Tokens. Larger amounts can be given under certain circumstances. Token value: Here should be defined the value of the specific tokens. It can be done in any currency code like stated on the (EUR, USD etc.) Defining initial payment code: When a token is defined, a certain serial number will be given. Every payment has to use this code. When this code fails, the tokens have no validity.
      - 5) Copyright. Global Pathways Foundation Chamber of Commerce nr 22065744 in the Netherlands: The Token has been issued by the global Pathways foundation, powered by the Neblio Blockchain.
Issuance Block Height: 1137959
Locked: (No more tokens can be issued) true
Divisibility: 7
Aggregation Policy: aggregatable
Number of Transactions: 2

GPAT Metadata Transactions
TxidMetadata Size (RAW/Compressed)Timestamp
4c1a3039c7712ea4278f3a62d9ba1461eb2d37c96cbc72f99e26b94e74e8b1630.79 kB / 0.47 kB20th May 2019 20:40:01
666109310da23eac80658c1afabd7b43789dedebe74c077913a103216fd303853.63 kB / 1.61 kB20th May 2019 20:13:54